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Joining the moderators

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1 Joining the moderators on Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:15 pm


Lead Admin
Lead Admin
If you want to become moderator of the forum, log on to this topic and provide the forum for which you are applying. If such a forum does not, you can suggest to open it. Moderator is obliged to regularly come to the forum (this does not mean every day). The obligation of the moderator to inform the administrator about the long absence from the forum.
Moderator is required to make sure that all members respect the forum rules.
Moderator is required to warn the members of the Board for violation of forum rules, and that gives them an indication of major violations. Their actions (articles) to improve the forum.
Moderator can merge and separate topic, change other people's posts, closes and moves the topic, sets the sticky threads.
Member may, in agreement with the administrator to set specific rules for each section of the forum that moderates.

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